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Upside Promo Code NINJA25 Gives Highest Sign-Up Bonus

The Upside app (formerly GetUpside) lets you earn up to 25¢ per gallon cash back at over 12,100 gas stations across the United States.

Plus, use my exclusive link to download the app and add promo code NINJA30 to get an extra 25¢ per gallon bonus on your first fill-up! Then, add all the other promo codes from the list below and earn an additional 95¢ per gallon the first time you get gas with the Upside app!

Getupside - steps to earn cash back
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Upside Promo Code List

Promo CodeCash Back BonusExpiration
NINJA2525¢ per gallon12-2023
NINJA1010% at restaurants12-2023
GOPUFF3535¢ per gallon12-2023
AMEX3535¢ per gallon12-2023
PERKSATOWORK23030¢ per gallon12-2023

How To Enter Promo Codes In Upside App

Step-By-Step Directions

  1. Open The Upside App

    Launch the Upside app once you download the app.

  2. Go To Your “Profile”

    Tap the menu icon (three stacked dashes) on the top-left corner. A submenu will appear – click on the “Profile” icon in this submenu.

  3. Enter Promo Code

    Click “Edit” next to promo code. Enter any code you find in the text field and hit the word “Done” on the top-right part of the app.

  4. Add Another Promo Code

    If you have another code, simply repeat Step 3. Make sure to hit the word “Done” after every code you enter.

Referral Gal’s Verdict

I love using Upside. I have saved big money for doing something I already do anyway!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below 🙂

24 thoughts on “Upside Promo Code NINJA25 Gives Highest Sign-Up Bonus”

  1. Just downloaded the app.
    I see most good codes are for first time use. Any recommendations for me to set this up most optimal?

  2. I have tried all the codes listed including referral code and I get the message “Code Cannot Be Applied whats going on with this?

  3. Hi Bonnie! You can put in the codes one at a time. So enter the referral code ‘V5G4M’ first, and then go back in and replace it with the other promo codes listed. It will remember the previous codes entered 🙂

  4. I had 36 dollars on my account and the apt stopped working for months , I even went to Verizon. Now its up and my money is gone

  5. About 9 months ago i cashed out in the amount of either 58$ or 85$ and requested it in the form of a check i still have not received it. Im sure you can check your records to prove a check has not been sent nor cashed
    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Dawn A Noel email a prompt response would be even more appreciated. Thank you

    1. I don’t work for GetUpside, but from what I’ve heard checks are really slow. Other forms of payment like PayPal come in 1-2 days. I’ve heard checks can take 1+ month, but 9 months is unheard of. Maybe it got lost in the mail or you threw it away thinking it was spam? Message GetUpside in the help section of the app and see what they can do. Good luck.

  6. Question I downloaded the app I went to see if my gas station is in there Costco and all I see is b.p in my area?? 10519 west Yukon drive Peoria Az 85382?????

  7. This app is still in the development stage.
    I’ve used 10 times on works once’s.
    Now am emailing receipt

  8. Hi Barbara! When you go to the “My Wallet” section, you only enter the first 6 digits of your card and the last 4 digits of your card. Are you saying you can’t even enter a single number?

    1. Thomas Cuff iii

      Quick question I have a referral still in my referral section that it says it has not bought gas but they have bought gas and it shows that they make money off of buying gas but it still shows in mine the referral is not active by a gas how long does it take to get my referrals because I’m almost to that $100 bonus

      1. Hey Thomas. From my experience, once one of your referral gets gas, it takes 2-3 days for it to show up on their account, and that just about the time it shows up on mine. How long ago did your referral purchase gas?

  9. Happy 3rd day of 2021 🎈🎊

    Should we enter all the promo codes in one sitting? Or use them over time? Thanks.

    1. Hi Frank! Happy New Year!!!

      You can enter them all at the same time. Start with HGNV2 since that’s the referral code and can’t be added if you put other codes first.

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